Substituting for-each for NSMutableArray

For all those who learn Objective C with GNUstep…

Mostly you will learn using For-Each statement , for manipulating NSMutableArray.
But with GNUstep, it is not possible.
The for each statement looks like this,

	for(NSObject *st in myMutableArrayObject) {
			NSLog(@"%@",[st myMethodDefined]);

Here is how we can do it without For-Each statement,

	for(i=0; i< [myMutableArrayObject count]; i++) {
		NSLog(@"%@",[[myMutableArrayObject objectAtIndex: i] myMethodDefined]);

Here, we are using a method predefined called count which returns the number of objects in the MutableArray Object
and then another method objectAtIndex which iterates the objects at the interval from 0 to (count – 1).


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