Proprietary Mac

Apple, the most widely accepted computers and systems in US, is the least accepted system in India. Their Mac policies are well know to all. Especially when it comes to i-Phone and i-Pod. I being a programmer who is learning android and iPhone Programming is very upset with Apple ideas of business. iTunes is the very application used to sync their iPhone and iPod. For US people who mostly prefer to own a mac itself, it doesn’t make a difference.
But if they have to sell the same in India, Indians are no way going to buy a mac , just so that they can sync their iPhone and iPod.
Thats why they provide iTunes for Windows. It’s not only about showing the mac beauty to windows users, but also , a method to market iPhone and iPod.
I don’t have any problem until here.
But the thing that they release iPhone sdk for mac only, is irritating me a bit.
Because i want to be an iPhone programmer, and now it compels me to buy a mac, that i cannot afford, as a beginner. The thing we have to keep in mind is that, all other sdks, like, Android, Palm Pre etc are available for Mac.
News are coming that iPhone market is getting more and more particular, and thus, more and more apps are getting rejected from the iPhone Market.

I only want to ask – is Apple thinking – ” If you want to make money with Apple, then just pay us a tribute of money first.”

But a comparison of market rates of Mac Book, US and Indian, shows a difference of 10,000Rs ( 217 USD ).

At least bring down the rates Steve.


2 thoughts on “Proprietary Mac

  1. Forget about mac. Either use GNU/Linux or Windows. But if you really want to use it and can’t afford getting one, you can try vmware image from Xelabo. But you need very powerful computer (eg, >2GB RAM, ~2GHz processor etc). If you are luck, xcode will run. (For me it crashes). I’m no more a mac fan. See what they have done to Flash. Anyway no one in India give a damn about Apple.
    Yeah, Indian’s are intelligent 😉

  2. Hi Jase…Thanks for the comment…

    I’m too a linux lover since 5-6 years…
    this blog was put when i was trying to learn Cocoa…
    And i left the idea of buying a mac long back…

    hey are you an erlang programmer…?

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