Internet – Employers and Employees, enhance your IT business…

How can our life supporting stuff of the date – internet – save us our time money and more ???

Websites like odesk and many others have already taken this initiatives to a consultant based job level. Not soon, we can see this in employee based plans, and who knows we all will have to loose our employees shoes and wear a consultants shoes. May be not that far.

Being a software engineer, I was lucky enough to work from home for a couple of months. These are some points that I figured out in this course of time.

Not all software companies require their employees to be at their facility. Instead they can get their service remotely. This is beneficial for both company and Employee.

Company saves,

1. energy, money for hosting a facility, internet, cleaning staff etc etc etc
2. More attendance, as to secure train tickets employees take two days extra of leave for a celebration that has already got some lowed days of vacation, or a friday at office will be mostly people less if the thursday and saturday near it is already a holiday.
3. You wouldn’t talk about recession unless you want to use it deliberately to lay off some of your employees.
4. Rapport formation can be regulated, and project overloading by a race causing problem for other race can be reduced to a bigger extend.

( believe me, that exists in India, say you are in Tamilnadu( a state in India) 85% of your colleagues will be them, and I being from a renowned MNC i would share one instance. My friends who are non tamil have been asked to get out, when they raised their voice against team level meetings happening in tamil ( Tamilnadu’s native language) ! enough ? I had a neat Manager who was Tamil, thus we were safe in all those stuffs mentioned above, but colleagues grouping themselves by language they speak, existed there too. BTW they all can speak English.)

Employee Save, ( More points goes here, as I’m an employee)

1. First, get relieved from the mess of securing the unavailable train tickets ( well tatkal(emergency rail tickets) booking agents will incur job loss! ) towards home at weekend.
2. Don’t need to have a bad talk with supervisor, about securing leave.
3. Of course no body like to be formal in dressing and sitting posture, the way we behave at office.
4. You don’t have to do two times investments, one at city and the other at your native. Doing it at native would do.
5. Saved from the rush of city.
6. Trust me alcohol, cigarette consumption will come down dramatically, and you don’t have to visit a rehabilitation center.
7. With all these, you save a lot in the form of bank balance, just by avoiding unwanted expenditure.
8. If you have problems at your rented flat in City, live water, power or cable or your flat owner himself, forget them and feel at home. Ah! be at home.

Always you all can have a meet up once in every two months or so, and that can be extended with a team outing, which will keep the bonding strong.

And while remote, today we have enough softwares to support us to work in a team. And I have been working that way since last 10 months. All you need is uninterrupted Internet and Power supply, and a sane place to work.

Fed up of this repeating life situation which occurs while in city may happen here too, though in a very very less proportion. But that is what cities are meant for, take a small vacation, or go to cities for a week with your family or nearest person to your heart. Don’t lose your leave days, work in the morning( assuming you have a laptop and a mobile internet connection) and enjoy rest of the day.


Togetherness with colleagues will be missed, city night life with friends will be missed. But if you have got a feeling to live with family, these would never be a reason at all. And with more and more companies deploying this facility, you will have your neighbor and childhood friend available after office hours for your bash though he is not working with your company. Some would even love leaving near a calm quite beautiful country side, with a small river flowing by.

High secure jobs, like banking projects at IT companies cannot even think about this. But still a lot of open source based companies at least can follow this.

And Employees, you better make sure you have supportive family behind you. And at those places where arranged marriage happens like India, you may face difficulties finding a girl just because you work from home. No matter how high your position is. But if you are a girl, you will have a good book entry in the marriage market just because you work from home. Well this differences in boys and girls are subject to another blog which I am not going to write now…:)

Hey thanks for reading, and feel free share your views about this topic with us.

Take care,


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