Accessibility: resurrection of a web developer.

My introduction to Accessibility.

As any other developer in his initial stage, I too started out my programming at college, where there was no one to guide me. I remember writing rhtml(ruby html wrapper) when I did not know what html was.  Later I realized the importance of html. Its been years of web development and it was recently around a year back when I learnt what semantic html is, that changed the developer in me. The guy who was concerned with code quality and web security, realized that he was contributing to bad, html code. With my company’s support, we together worked towards achieving web standards for our app which earned us Level AA certificate and happy customers like NDIS(National Disability Insurance Scheme) Australia who poured out their kind words of appreciation on our work. Today I’m keen on creating accessible prototypes for the front end, spreading awareness across the team and across the community, I’m trying to take my learnings to everyone I can share it with and making them a web standardized developer from yet another web developer.

What steps need to be taken towards these goals ?

  • Spread awareness and learning among Web developers
  • Make companies insist their developers write better and accessible web/apps. And follow web standards.
  • Motivate more developers into accessibility and need for that.

Thanks Nikhil, for proof reading this article.


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