Day 2 of 2 day with my py-kids (Experience Training Students at PA College of Engg.Mangalore, with Python.)

Today is day 2, which is complete 3.5 hours lab session. I am preparing for the day. I have travelled all the way to contribute. To the new guys who are yet to step in to the industry. All I want to take back is a satisfaction that I made some people learn. And I believe I’ll do that happen today.


I was hoping the guys and gals will be pretty energetic today.But what happened was not what I expected to get. They were the same. Not at all responding. I had to spend 20 mins talking to them, giving enough gaps, that the class will not proceed without them responding. Ultimately, when I saw that I was losing and so I tried a different approach. I wanted them to see me as a friend rather than a trainer. They were still in the school college stage where the guy standing against them across the other end of class room is a Sir or a Teacher. After repeatedly asking them to call me by name over ‘Sir’.


‘saar’… again, I couldn’t get many of them to forget this word…


But having said all these, all the guys and gals there where lovely… Given a chance again, I would take classes for the same batch any number of times…


I couldn’t find a face that was there yesterday btw. Though there must be something wrong with my class that I lost a student 😛

But later found out that since a parallel batch had a drop in students,my lab had issues with internet.


After calling all of them close to me, I started showing my laptop screen to them and a picture of mine sleeping on the beanbag at the office. That was one step that brought them close to me. They almost started feeling free. Well that was one correct step, as some feedback later included this instance being promoted by them. What I was trying to tell them was, if you have to get this freedom at work, you need to make yourself worth and for that you will have to struggle. And this is where it all begins, start getting involved, and start it with responding. Today I’m asking you people. Tomorrow, when you might be in front of me where I’m interviewing you, I wouldn’t even ask you anything and you might have to love yourself all by your words. So start talking. Learn to express yourself.


Then slowly started showing them small code snippets running in my console. Occasionally triggered my irb(interactive ruby shell) and showed them the python equivalent in ruby. Well the real need arouse, as I’m very much used to ruby that I was typing everything the ruby way in py shell, and was failing at times. And thus had to show them, that’s how it is in ruby.

But that very well helped them understand language as a medium, and I hope that would have set their mind understand scripting language principles.


Asked them questions, why this is like this and that is not like that kinda questions.

What is the type of dir(‘str’)

whats the type of dir(str)


and so on…until people started giving me correct answers. I was feeling like they are getting the concepts correct by this.


Once I started feeling like they are on right track, I asked them to group themselves into four teams, without looking which college they are from. They all gathered that way and now it was time to get the real game running.


Motivational talk, Career guidance was among topics I concentrated on, unknowingly. Python was an added advantage for them. Thus says their feedback.They are pretty happy about that.

I was lucky enough to be assigned with the most crowded lab, as the lab I got was the most spacious one. Over all, in every means, I was having a fantastic time there. More than teaching, I had learnings. I learnt to throw hesitance away and have definitely lot more.



Thanks to Anubha Upadhya M for all her help proof reading and making this post cute as it is now!


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