How me ? – Experience Training Students at PA College of Engg.Mangalore, with Python.

One fine Wednesday evening one of my friends Sarath, whom I met only a week before,called me. Though was working late, I was relaxed as a bigger chunk of code I wanted to deliver was delivered and was happy with the outcome. Basically that means, I was all in a very very good mood.  


But Sarath was not in the same mood. He started the conversation saying, Sumit, this is a distress call. I was like, why mate, what happened ? Then he briefed his position to me.


Sarath is a very motivated and socially responsible guy who takes huge efforts to push the Free Software Movement of Karnataka forward and FSMK had offered to train students around Mangalore Engineering Colleges which was gathered under PACE‘s initiative to bring open source(GLUG Mangalore) to the kids.Towards that final moment, when there were only two days for the event to happen, the Guys who had offered to go with Sarath to the session backed off. His need was to fill the positions.


I being a rails guys for really long and my knowledge of Python dated even before that, obviously would have had to think twice. But donno what, I just said, Dude! that is it! I’ll go to Mangalore.

It was for the first time I was going to see those guys who were going to be my fellow colleagues for the rest two days and there were as usual thoughts, how they would be.The organisation committee had put 1-2 years extra in the age field for everyone(in the bus ticket they sent me). So I was under an impression to see some really “experienced” guys up there.


Well for my luck, all were fantastic guys!


I met Chandrashekar, who works as a Team lead, at ZeOmega, Emil and Mayank who works with SourceBits. They were equally cool when they discuss technology and other stuffs. I got to know a lot of new stuffs from there. And to my surprise, Chandrashekhar was working on ETL (Extract Transform Load) projects for a while now.It is important for me, because the project that has took away my sleep and movies from my life for the past 1+ month was ETL. He helped me with a lot of his experienced opinions and new techniques to handle stuffs. Have to get more from him. Plan was to do it on the Day 1 evening, but that got switched for a movie plan later 😛


Chat with Chandrashekar was more on the topic Philosophy than on Technology through the travel. He just has got a lot of experience thinking on philosophy. I being pretty open for discussions on philosophy, just loved it!


Day 1, morning, we were picked up from the bus stand and was dropped at PACE’s guest house. Have to mention, the food was awesome. And that was not the thing that surprised, us. The food was the same that they served at their hostel messes, and we started feeling jealous for the kids here 😀


Had a power nap and we were ready for the day. Not knowing what and how the scene would be there in the college. We were introduced to the HOD of PACE Mr. Ganesh. Such a phenomenal guy. He is an asset for them. The students here are all words, when they talked about their HOD. He deserved that, of course..

 And rest of the story is at here(day 1) and here(day 2)


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