Know me…

Sumit is an Engineer fascinated with open-source technologies. His field of experience rages through Ruby-on-Rails, related web technologies ( like Html, Css, Javascript and JQuery ) Android, Objective-C and languages like C, Java and Python. Accessibility and Data Management are works he is passionate about. But he is not restricted to Open source, as his experience at Accenture has given him strong touch with Microsoft Technologies.
Currently he is serving B-Tree Entertainment as their Product Manager.


That is so techy!!! I will be me now!

Hi, I am originally from Kerala, India. Currently residing in Bangalore, India for Job. I love travelling. I basically try working from different places, where there is internet available, every time I have work from home option available.

But, I am more loving those travels that I do to explore natures marvels, trekking, with limited or no network. Finding myself away from city rush. All work related pressure set away. Travelling is one thing that one should never stop in there life. That is the best teacher, right next to Reading, and Mom.

My reading is very limited, to History, Philosophy and Psychology. Till now, If I read anything outside this genre, that would be tech related. Ones that is related to work, starting from learning new languages, new architectures, various work cultures and the latest trends in industry.

With work, I keep rejuvenation equally important. Gym and singing are my favourites. I have been professional till my school days with singing. I have my achievements marked then. Later took tech as my career and confined my singing to me and my kith and kins pleasure.

As a person, I believe, no one should be hurt, physically or emotionally. I uphold a secular view towards my fellow beings. So do I respect every species whom with I share my world.

And that sums up an intro about me. But I am sure there is much more that this…




5 thoughts on “Know me…

  1. Good job buddy…Keep it up.. One day you will acheive ur dream… if ur capable of putting an effort like this at this age, defenitely you will have a good space in future techno industry…

    wish you all success..

    Regards ,

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